Siebel CRM

Founded intially by Thomas Siebel, in 1993, Siebel CRM has taken the world by storm. By late 1990s, CRM was the dominant CRM Software Provider beating some of the behemoths far behind. This is an OnPremise CRM Solution supporting a wide range of functionality.

Siebel's success comes mainly because of the ease of use that the Software provides, as also for the wide range of In-build functionality made available as soon as a Siebel CRM System is installed, and set live into Production.

With acquisition of Siebel by Oracle around the year 2006, it now comes with world class support, and the confidence of a world class organization, Oracle, which is trusted by Industries worldwide. Siebel CRM delivers:
- Comprehensive on premise and on demand CRM solutions
- Tailored industry solutions
- Role-based customer intelligence and pre-built integration It delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations.

Our prominent Siebel Expertise include:
- Siebel Call Center
- Siebel eCommunications (Telecom Industry)
- Siebel Sales
- Siebel Marketing and Siebel Loyalty
- Siebel Contact Center and Service
- Self Service and E-Billing
- Partner Relationship Management
- Quotes and Order Management System
- Siebel Product Configuration (eConfigurator)
- Siebel Pricing Management (ePricer)
- Customer Data Integrations
- Siebel Handheld and Siebel Wireless
- Social CRM
- CRM Gadgets, etc..

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